Our Services

At Journal Junction, we offer valuable services designed to empower and support our readers on their journey to success, well-being, and personal growth. Our services include:

Ebook Projects:

  • Worry Workbook for Teens 13-18

  • Mental Health Skills for Adults

  • Positive Thinking for Teens 13-18

  • Mindfulness Guide for Kids 9-12

  • Back Pain Exercises for Adults

  • Never Believe Your Every Thought

  • How to Teach Kids about Money

  • Basic Guide for New Dad

  • Career Development for Men 16-18

  • How to Overcome Mental Illness

Research Articles:

  • A Meta Analytical Study of Cultural Conditions Moderating the Relationship Board Diversity and CSR Disclosure in Corporate Governance: An International Review

  • Ownership Structure and ESG Disclosure Governance Attributes as a Moderator: A Meta-Analysis

  • Determinants of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Comprehensive Meta-Analysis

Blogs & Articles:

  • Understanding-Mental-Illness

  • Inner-Strength

  • The-Science-Of-Negativity

  • Building-Resilience

  • Staying-Strong-With-Mindfulness

  • Mastering-Mindful-Coping

  • The-Power-Of-Mindful-Coping

  • Self-Control

  • What-Is-Mental-Health

  • Finding-Balance-Balancing-Work-And-Mental-Health

  • Addressing-Mental-Illness

  • The-Importance-Of-Self-Care-For-Mental-Health

  • The-Role-Of-Therapy-In-Mental-Health-Recovery